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TBG builds superior personalization experiences, driving high-end performance and usability results. We teach Web teams how to effectively get the most out of this game-changing technology.

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Optimized Results

optimized results

You want your website to perform—to drive conversions, deliver the right messages to the right visitors, and provide a consistently high value experience for visitors. Content personalization strategically delivers on that promise, based on mapping different user journeys to high value pieces of content or even totally different experiences. To the users, it just means that your site is more on point, easier to use, and speaking their language. 

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How Targeted Content Works

The better CMS and optimization technology platforms provide the tools for managing personalization, but they only change your bottom line if the right strategies and tactics are in place. Many organizations have already invested heavily in these technologies, but failed to get the value out of these features. We fix that problem.

It is now quite possible on certain platforms for nontechnical marketers to:

  • Show different content to a user based on who they are;
  • Change content based on where users connect from, and how they connect;
  • Analyze users’ behavior and viewing choices—and from that, make calculated guesses about who they are;
  • Modify what users are shown to make them more likely to do what you desire;
  • Form a deeper relationship with users by anticipating their desires; and
  • Do all of this without being dependent on even an hour of programmer time.

These capabilities radically impact what is possible with the optimization and increased usability of websites and other digital products.

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Case Study: Children's National Health System

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TBG is a developer of leading websites for major clients, building on best-of-breed content management (CMS) infrastructure. We are a thought leader in the area of personalization and we apply incisive strategies, critical thinking, and deep tactical know-how to implement these features. Our clients benefit from the ability to show different experiences to different users, solving clearly defined business challenges.

Take the case of Children's National Health System, a fully Responsive, CMS-powered website that we built for a world-renowned client in Sitecore, a leading CMS and customer engagement platform that allows for content and experience personalization.

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We Wrote The Book On Web Personalization!

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Web content and experience personalization involves choosing the right infrastructure and doing the right implementation, but it isn’t a “set-it-and-forget-it” activity. To get the value out of personalization fundamentally requires new processes, and competencies. The good news is that it’s possible for existing Web teams.

At TBG, we realized a huge gap existed in available knowledge for Web teams about personalization. We’ve fixed that with the release of the book Personalization Mechanics: Targeted Content for Web Teams of All Sizes, expert guidance on Web personalization, a book that details information on personalization strategies; how to evolve Web teams to meet personalization; how to tactically organize personalization programs; and the pros and cons of the evolving tools. For business leaders and Web team members, this is the practical primer you’ve been waiting for. This is the only book on Web personalization written from the perspective of people who actually work on websites (the strategists and teams that build and maintain them).

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